About Me . . .

From 2010-01-23

I am a working mother of 3 who has a passion for photography, anything crafty, reading blogs on design, organization, money, and health and fitness.

I started my journey of health and fitness in June of 2009 when I went back to work after having my third child.  I needed a goal to accomplish.  I ran my first 5K in October of 2009.  I didn't finish last.  

The purpose of this blog is to catalog my goals and accomplishments, and often times my failures.  Follow me on this journey.  I will update this as often as there is something new to add.

As of December 20th, after a couple of years of being "lost" in this road to weight loss, I think that I've finally found my path.  I am eating Paleo; eliminating all grains and trying to eliminate excess sugar.  The result is finally getting under 200 lbs.  I am on my way to reaching my goal of 150 lbs.  I will be sharing my journey of Paleo and weight loss on this blog.  I hope that I can be honest to help others make a decision as to which road to take in finding happiness, health and fitness.