Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Inspiration for Weight Loss


Most of us will openly say that we are interested in losing weight as a means to improve our health, eliminate disease, for increased longevity, stamina, energy . . . yada, yada, yada. Don't interpret the successive "yadas" to mean that those are not important reasons. Those are very valid reasons. But for many of us, the reason can be as vain simple as looking good in an outfit, or clothes, or a particular dress. And for me, fitting into a dress is my number one reason right now.

You see I bought this dress in November of 2012. I was hoping to wear it for a holiday vacation. I knew that we would have many events to wear dresses on that trip. I bought about five. And only two fit. They fit because they stretched, and a good bicycle short smoothed me out enough to feel confident in those two dresses.

However, this dress didn't fit. It is an XL. I bought it from Target as part of the five. It has a lovely brass zipper in the back. It is not to be form fitting. It is supposed to be a bit loose. Well, on me, it is tight and short, and I can't pull up the zipper. And it hurts to see it in the closet; never worn.

This dress is my style. Pair it with a faux tortoiseshell, open toe, wedge and I can take it from day to evening. Or with a nice faux croc, open toe high heel for evening. I want to fit in this dress. My losing 30 lbs can make it fit as the designer intended. And I have to get real about my eating to get there.

I must admit that I am mostly tired of carrying around the extra weight. It is literally weighing me down. The pain in my hip when I workout or when doing certain poses in Yoga, are major reasons to be proactive at losing the excess weight--at the very least the 30 lbs that can get me into this dress.

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