Saturday, February 11, 2012

Scale Steppin' Saturday--194.3

Lunch today at 3 p.m. because I was not prepare to feed myself.

Well, that weight is a surprise.  Because I am all about full disclosure, I weighed in last Saturday at 195.4, which was .1 lbs less than the previous week's weigh-in.  It wasn't that I wasn't proud of any loss or embarrassed by the minuscule loss, I was just not in the spirit of blogging about anything.  I was lazy and irritable.

I am still going through a lot of stressors.  They are the same stressors that I will have for a long time: 3 kids, Nana, and a full time job out of the home, while hubby is away for most of it.  I am still in therapy, but sometimes a biweekly visit to chat for an hour isn't enough.  But I don't have the time or the energy to do more visits.

These last few days were horrible.  I ate so much chocolate that I could have had my own candy shop.  And to have a loss is remarkable.   While I am proud to keep losing weight, I wish I could contain my sugar addiction.  I did so well the first month, but then I figured dark chocolate can't hurt.  Darn you, Trader Joes and Aldi chocolates with your inexpensive price point.

I've had issues with constipation, it is not due to being Paleo/Primal.  I am eating enough fiber with the salads, veggies and fruit.  My issue is water.  I have to keep drinking a lot of water throughout the day.  I have a multitude of water bottles, but must force myself to refill and sip throughout the day.

Exercise was much better.  Four days of exercise this week.  I got up at 5 a.m. to workout.  I didn't work out on Friday because my daughter has been waking up at 3 a.m. and calling me.  I am a light sleeper and usually can't fall back to sleep within a quick time, so I am exhausted and irritable for the rest of the day.

My goal for the coming week:

  1. Drink water throughout the day. 
  2. Exercise 5 times this week.
  3. Reduce chocolate consumption. 
  4. Prepare my food in advance so I don't scramble to get something fixed.  .  
If you can eliminate one bad behavior when you are stressed, what is it?


  1. Hi there!

    I read a few of your posts and I love your blog! I think it's great that you're trying to make a change and improve your life, and it's obviously working. I can't wait to see where your journey takes you, and I hope you follow mine as well! :)

    1. Thanks, Jackie. I am now following you.

  2. Ah, yes...the trader joe's chocolate. There is a new kind with sea salt that I've just gone (yes, written correctly, haha) ahead and given in to. Four precious squares at bedtime.

    Sorry things are stressful for you right now...I can relate.

    If I could fix one stress- related thing...I'd be anxiety. Usually, I've found, no one cares but me. Or if someone does care, the outcome of their disappointment is often far less than that of my own.

    But you said behavior, didn't you?

    Do I even need to say it? Stress eating!


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