Monday, November 22, 2010

Improving . . . a bit

Veggie Blend

The picture above has no relevance to this post, but only to write that I joined a Food + Foto group on Flickr.  I've been taking a lot of pics of food lately.  Heck it consumes my day and night.  I am always planning.  I am always trying to figure out points and combinations of food for meals.  Why not take pics of it too. My secret wish is to leave my job and work at a magazine as a photographer, either a food or interior design magazine.  I love still life because I can control and manipulate it easily: the light, the setting, the details, etc. 

I've been doing better. I still have my emotional eating moments.  I am starting to really recognize that eating to fill the void is not working.  I exercised 5 times last week.  I hope to do the same this week despite Thanksgiving.  We are catering-in the sides for our Thanksgiving dinner, so there won't be much leftovers because we are getting enough for 6 people only. I will make sweet potato rolls.

Mother-in-law is arriving today.  Not so stressful because I plan to leave her with the kids a couple of times this week.  Yay! 

This morning at 5 a.m. I did the spin cycle for 60 minutes.  Tough on the "lady-parts".  I can't believe Dimple Snatcher is planning a two hour spin session at her local gym.  You go, girl!  I've been using 3 lb weights during my spin sessions.  I've been doing a lot of arm movements.  I feel a lot stronger and tighter in my upper body.  The bat wings are still waving in the wind, but I am trying my best. 

I had a pretty good weekend, not eventful, but enough to make me really happy and at ease. 

How are you dealing with Thanksgiving?  What are your plans?  Any tips or tricks to keep on plan?


  1. hahahahaah! i've heard an instructor say that many of us experience discomfort down there because we are pushing pressure down. i think it helps to push your back up and not to push pressure down. the first time i took a class the pain was so bad, but over time it got so much better!

  2. Everything sounds awesome....lady parts, yup!

  3. I think you'd make a great food photographer. Glad to hear you're doing better with the food thingie and I applaud your commitment to working out in the mornings. That's great.

    yay, for mom in law visiting and giving you a break with the kiddies.



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