Friday, November 19, 2010

It does get better . . .


Great news: hearing in good ear came back normal and as good as the last time.  Hearing in bad ear has the potential of hearing with the assistance of a hearing aide.  We were never given that as an option in the past.  That was great and encouraging news.  Husband and I were so relieved that night.  I think I could barely sleep because of the excitement.

I appreciate your thoughts and encouragement.  It is great to know that I am supported, albeit virtually.

Keep thinking of us while we go through the calibration and fittings. She has a CT scan in December.  We need to figure out what happened to her ear to have such issues.

And baby sister, Lootie Tootie, has to get her ears tested and seen by the ENT because she had a perforated ear drum from an ear infection last week.  Keep fingers crossed for that one.

Also, I lost 1.4 lbs on WW this week.  Despite having stress up the whazoo.  I think I can actually do this and do this well. Small goals are taking shape.

I've worked out Mon, Tues, Wed, and early this morning.  Thursdays, weigh-in day, will be my "rest" days, but I'll probably try to do something sporty that day.

I am trying to make things better by thinking more positively and seeing a rainbow at the end of all the muck and mire. 

How are you overcoming recent challenges?

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  1. EXCELLENT news! So happy for you guys! :D I'll keep you all in my thoughts. <3


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