Saturday, March 19, 2011

At the table.


This baby has taught me a valuable lesson. 

After cooking their meals, I used to take my plate and sit in front of the big screen or go back to my office and sit to eat.  I needed that mindless, decompression time.  It is a time for me to reflect on my day, on my stressors, on my disappointment with how life is turning out--yes, I am melodramatic.  However, eating this way used to leave me wanting seconds--and often thirds.  Lootie Tootie often would call me to sit down and eat.  "Here, Mama. Sit".  I rejected her many times in the past or ignored her.  Bad mama, I know.

After all of the "harassment" recently, I obliged.  I started sitting with them at the dinner table.  However, often, someone would ask me for seconds or more juice, or they'd drop their fork, or didn't have a napkin.  It would require me to keep getting up and not focus on the eating of my meal or enjoying the company of my three kids.

Today, while eating breakfast, I realized that since sitting down at the table to eat this week, I haven't gone back for seconds (there are other reasons too of course).  I haven't felt the need to get a bit more because I woofed down a meal without enjoying it.  When the kids asked me for more cereal or milk, I told them that they could get it so that I may focus on my food.  The baby and I sat happily and ate our cereals without distraction--until she asked me for more, and she couldn't very well get some of her own.  I left my bowl and got her some more.  When I returned, I didn't dive back in to inhale the remainder.  I took my time to get the spoon in hand, fish a mouthful, and bring to my lips.  It was completely natural and normal. 

All the books and suggestions to sit down at the table without TV, or book, or computer for mindful weight loss are absolutely right. 

Where do you eat? (please let me know. I pose these questions so I can hear from you.  Delurk and "talk" to me, please. Thank you.)


  1. I'm horrible. I eat all my meals in front of the TV or computer. We'll be in our house for four years in May and I can probably count up the number of times we've used our dinning room table on 2 hands. The kitchen table is even easier, 0 times, but it has become the cat's table. How sad is this?! The thing is I know I'm not going to change (well not now anyway) so I've adapted my healthy life style to this. I only eat what is I bring out with me. No boxes or bags. Everything is weighed and measured. No going back for more unless I'm truly hungry.

    Is this the best situation, no. But when you eat 90% of your weekly meals along, you need something to keep you company.

  2. I totally relate.
    I eat dinner every night with my family, but when I'm home for breakfast or lunch, I often won't even sit down to eat until I've downloaded something to watch on my computer. It's like it doesn't taste as good if there's not something taking my mind off of actually eating it. Which doesn't even make sense now that I've written it...

  3. Um, breakfast is while watching the news or in front of the computer. But dinner is always at the table. Lunch is usually seated + attentive too.

    Good question!

  4. Just found your blog and I loved this post. It really hit home with me this morning. I, too, have the horrendous habit of eating in front of the TV. I really would prefer to sit at the dining room table, but my husband loves to sit and eat while watching TV. So, I sit with him. :(

    I have noticed in the past though that when I sit at the table, I don't want to eat as much. It seems like my body is so much more satisfied with less food.

    Love the question!



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