Saturday, March 3, 2012

Statins & Alzheimer's?

I have my own opinions as to why my mother has early onset dementia and now Alzheimer's at the age of 76.  This week, the FDA has some new recommendations for the prescription of statins for high cholesterol.  My mother has been on statins since the mid 1980s.  Probably a little too long to be on such a drug.  The FDA states that discontinued use can eliminate the memory loss issues, but if you've been taking them for 30+ years, will she get better?

Also the use of statins is supposed to affect blood sugar, which is problematic for diabetics and could create pre-diabetic conditions.  With Alzheimer's being considered a Type III diabetes, I can't help but connect all the dots and point to statins as being a major factor in her medical problems.  

One thing is for sure, I will do everything possible to not to be on a statin regimen because cholesterol is the body's bandaid.  

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