Friday, April 2, 2010

Breaking bad . . .

Pre Roasted Veggies

carb habits.  I love carbs.  Rice is my comfort.  A staple in my life. So my hope is to eat my carbs during the earlier part of the day, and not the evening when it just sits there and ferments.  

Dinner--April 2

I took a leftover pork roast (bone in) and reheated in the oven while the veggies roasted.  The trick will be to buy fresh veggies to roast or salad greens and accompaniment to make daily.  I think I can do it now that there is a "Fresh Madison Market" on my way from and to the parking lot.  I hop in there to buy fresh fruit, salads, etc.  Many times it has saved me when I want to buy a Rotisserie Chicken for dinner.  I am trying to make really good choices and work harder on this eating life.  But I am bitter and angry about all these holidays that require candy to be purchased and hidden around the house. 


  1. Wow, what a good cook you are....I am drooling over that plate! I too have added a ton of vegts to my meals and it is making a big difference. I am losing weight, gee, who would have guessed substituting vegts for bad things would do that!!! lol Have a nice Easter and I totally agree with you about the candy, all the holidays....gee! I just got books for my grandson, he is only 11 months so he won't miss the candy but you won't see me giving him much later either.

  2. That looks incredible (as per usual)... I agree with you on the candy. Thankfully, I don't have children to purchase candy for (although when/if I do I'll aim for stuffed animals, stickers, etc. rather than candy... hopefully lol).

  3. That looks amazing and incredible. I will be back for sure to read your words of wisdom.


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