Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Rode a Bike . . .

April 26

It took me 35 years to get on a bike and learn to ride.  What comes easily for many children was something that I accomplished on my own as a grown woman. 

I'd decided that I'd had enough of not knowing how to ride a bike.  I had taught both kids to ride a bike without training wheels (stabilizers).  I wanted to see a bike in the garage that is mine.  I didn't want to purchase adult stabilizers.  Besides, they are expensive.  I didn't want my hubby to hold my seat and handles to steady me.  I studied forums and blog posts online before taking on the challenge.  I analyzed my kids while they learned to ride.  I didn't hold them to steady them.  They learned to push off and do it.  They were independent, and I wanted to do that too.

On Friday, April 23, 2010, I went to a local store and found a hybrid bike which is part mountain bike, part cruiser.  It has 7-speeds and brakes on the front and rear.  It is a cute hot pink.  On Saturday, after hubby tightened everything and put air in the tires, I took to the pavement.  My street has a pretty steep incline.  Steep enough to balance.  With the seat low, I went down the hill with my feet on the ground.  I should have taken the pedals off as not to cause contusions on my achilles.  After 30 minutes of going down and walking up the hill, I was beat.  I took a break until after lunch.  I went back to the down hill balancing act.  Then I wanted to try to balance and pedal.

I walked the bike up the hill and went to level pavement.  I tried to balance.  My neighbor offered to hold me up.  "No, thank you."  If I am not letting my hubby hold onto my seat with his forearm on my big rear, then I am not letting my neighbor dude hold me up.  I tried to balance and pedal, but to no avail.  Then I realized that I wasn't attempting to steer the front wheel with the bars to balance my body.  I'd been trying to keep it completely straight.  Once I started to twist and turn a bit to balance, I pedaled, and started moving forward.  It clicked.  I yelled out to my husband and pedaled down the block to the cul de sac.  I even turned around gingerly.  I made it back to the house.  Hubby was impressed.  I was proud.

I called the kids out and showed them that I had learned to bike in one day.  I wanted to show them that I never give up.  That if we are determined,  then we can succeed no matter our age.  It was a gratifying feeling.  I haven't biked since Saturdday because my hubby is traveling.  I am afraid that I would get hurt and not be competent to take care of my kids.  I didn't fall during this learning process, but you never know.  My next goal is to practice till I get to a point where I can bike as if I have been biking since I was a kid. 


  1. That is awesome news! How very exciting and yes a great lesson for your kids. I am so very proud of you.


  2. Congratulations on learning to ride! ! That's awesome!!

  3. thank you so much! I am very proud of myself. They were a bit aloof, but I know it will make an impact on them in the future. I appreciate your support.

  4. Thank you Lisa. I am very happy and proud. I told everyone that would listen. I appreciate your support and I hope I have more good news about my fitness and weightloss to share.

  5. Congrats! So glad for you!! :) :)

  6. Awesome job! Now you really get to play and with your kids on bikes! Great job!

  7. Definitely! I hope to play a lot with them; especially on the weekends when we don't want to be home. Now that they are off training wheels, I can't walk or run alongside them. This is so much better.

  8. Thank you, Melissa. I am very relieved.


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