Friday, July 9, 2010

Rock Bottom . . .


I hit rock bottom on Sunday, July 4th.  It has been the rock bottom that I needed like when I was in college.  We were invited to a pool party.  I was there with the three kids and hubby.  I was wearing a black skirt with a compression garment built in (it is an amazing skirt) and a long top to cover my muffins.  I thought I looked cute with my curls and clothes.  But then I saw them . . . the other moms in their bikinis.  There were a couple of women in their 40s that physically looked like they were in their 20s. The women in their 30s (like me), fabulous too and each had given birth to 2 kids.  I know one of the 30+ year old is a mom of two and she exercises . . . a lot. 

For all the exercise I do, I don't see the results.  Sure my legs are strong and my calves are muscular, but they're riddled with cellulite and chunk . . . in the trunk.  My belly is a gelatinous flab that is wide rather than bulbous.  I was not a happy gal.  I wasn't dressed for the occasion.  I didn't feel confident in my looks.  I wasn't strutting my stuff. So that rock bottom of seeing toned and muscular Moms in a two piece made me want that.  Want it so bad that I am taking this eating thing more seriously so I can see the results of the morning runs and spin bike sessions. 

I have been running and spinning since Sunday, and I've cut back on my overeating.  I made a healthy lunch of chickpeas in a curry with barley cooked in stock and broccoli for today.  I am incorporating more vegetarian meals into my diet because the first time I lost a tremendous amount of weight it was all vegetarian.  I need a healthy balance now that I am 4 years away from my 40s.

The goal is to go on our Christmas vacation with a two piece in my suitcase, and I don't want to be insecure about wearing it around the other fit moms who attend that trip too. 

Have you ever hit rock bottom that shook you to weight loss?  If so, what was it?  And how are you working toward never seeing rock bottom again?


  1. I've hit rock bottom more times than I can count. The last one was at a pool party, with other moms who were cute, fit, and trim, so I know your pain.

    Good for you for turning it into motivation!! You can do this!

  2. I've hit rock bottom plenty!! The same experience you described and others. My most defining rock bottom moment has to be when my doctor told me "you have type II diabetes". That definitely has to be the lowest point I've experienced. I'm going to lose the weight and reverse my diagnosis....I don't want to live like this!!

  3. Good for you... choosing not to wallow in self pity, but rather turn those feelings into drive for success! Kudos!

    It is so nice to meet you! Thanks for checking out my blog. It's been quite a spiritual journey. I'm very interested in your running experiences. I am working on a post about my goals to run a 10K in my area. I've never been a runner, but I'm excited about this goal.

    Will be watching your journey cheering for your success!


  4. Oh yes..I have smacked rock bottom a few times but this time I really didn't want the taste of it in my mouth again. lol I am approaching 40 in two years and my goal is to have this weight off by then so I can feel comfortable with me again. I lost the weight a few years ago only to gain it back. Its one of those smack myself in the head moments when I see photos of me from then. gah Good can do it!

  5. I think I hit rock bottom a few weeks ago. At least, that's how I'm choosing to look at it.

    We were going to a friend's for a barbecue and I was feeling really good in my skin AND my clothes. Then I happened to pass in front of her web cam and got a glimpse of what I *really* look like. It was like someone stuck a pin in me and completely deflated my good mood and kind thoughts - all I could see (all I can STILL see in my mind's eye) was my wide hips and thighs, my saggy breasts, my paunchy stomach, my flabby arms. Awful.

    I'm trying to work away from that, but it's hard not to focus on it, or to overlook it enough to stay focused on the goal at hand.

  6. I totally understand! Even when I was in good shape, I still had jiggle thighs and had to suck in my belly. I dream of the day that I will look like someone in a workout video...although I realize my body may not allow that day to come.

    We need to get ourselves to the best place we can and make sure we are living a healthy lifestyle...and then cross our fingers that the rest will come!!


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