Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Trip Down Memory Lane . . .

College '94 @ 220 lbs.

When I entered college in 1992, I weighed in at 225 lbs.  Growing up with my Mom, I was on a perpetual diet, but she didn't allow for exercise and athletic activities when I was growing up in NYC.  When I entered college, I had no idea about dieting and burning fat through exercise.  I socially exercised because I went with my friends to the gym.  It was the thing to do.  

I didn't really put an effort into losing weight until one night after my sophomore year when a good friend of mine hit on a guy I had a crush on, and he hit back.  I was devastated.  And I knew that no matter "how pretty" I was, the weight was a hindrance.  So I set on a path of diet and exercise in 1994.  I went on a vegetarian diet from May to September (aahhh, youth) with eating more fruits and vegetables, and exercise.  I would exercise everyday; sometimes twice a day.  And it didn't matter what time of day or night, I got a workout in.

After weightloss

The result was going down from a size 20 dress size to a size 10.  I lost 75 lbs.  It was an incredible day when I went to the store and had to keep going down jean sizes.  It was even more incredible when the friend that always got hit on wasn't getting hit on so much when I was around.  It was sweet comeuppance. 

Modeling for the YMCA in Boston.

I even did a bit of modeling for the local YMCA where I worked as a membership sales rep. I continued to exercise and maintain that weight loss for many years; even after moving in with my first ever boyfriend, now husband.  I loved being fit and slim.  These were happier times for me.  I was confident and sure of myself.  I made a ton of friends because I had a sunnier disposition.  Sometime over the years the weight began to creep up.  I have a pretty good idea how and when.  The "when" came when I started law school.  I placed more importance on studies than I did the exercise and eating right.  The stress of proving myself caused me to eat more bowls of cereal in one sitting; it could've fed a village.  The "how" was not exercising as often as I should have.  I didn't take the time to walk or lift weights.  I then got married and started having my babies.  I forgot how to get myself back to what is best for me.

I am hoping that I can once again achieve that weight loss, and make it permanent.


  1. Love the pics, you look great & so happy.

    You can do this!!!

  2. You can do it!!! I love your spirit coming through in thos pics! You are beautiful:)

  3. You can do it: I know you can - you are determined and seem to be doing this for the right reasons.

    Exercise is key for me, too. I wish knowing that automatically came with an insatiable desire to work out... ;)

  4. You are so cute and I love how that one incident encouraged you to get healthier! Whatever it takes, right? Haha.


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