Saturday, September 4, 2010

A Bite . . .

cookie treat

After a vacation filled with tons of great food that I indulged in, I decided that I must realize a balance in my eating.  New week, new plan.  I packed my food this week with leftovers.  My lunches were packed in the same sized bowl daily, which was enough for me.  I am an overeater, and I came to the conclusion that it is okay to be a little hungry.  My body doesn't have to feel uncomfortably stuffed to be satisfied.  And while I am still at the stage of thinking about the next meal, I am trying to control myself.

Tonight, I took the kids to Qdoba.  I had my regular Naked Chicken Burrito Bowl with no sour cream or cheese, with salsa and a bit of quacamole. Hey, avocados are a necessity.  I did steal the babies chips, but no overload.  And then I took the kids to the local bakery for a cookie each.  The above was my cookie.  It was a mocha chocolate dip on one side cookie.  It was yummy.  And I don't regret it.  Why?  Because that regret is what makes me feel extremely awful and destroys the next time.  And while I could have done without it, I didn't go overboard like usual.

I've been running or spinning all week.  Even with hip pain.  I've been working on my abs to strengthen my core.  I also have been doing my pushups: 3 sets of 15.  While it is brutal getting up at 4:50 am, I got up.  I got them done.  I will get up tomorrow at 6 a.m. and hope all sleep in.  I want to do 60 minutes of spinning before all the kids wake up.  It would be nice to sleep in on a Saturday, but my goals don't allow for that luxury.

I weighed in this morning at 205.5 lbs.  About 3.5 lbs down from last week when I was at 209 from vacation.  I have a goal of losing a total of 18 lbs by the October 30th 5K that I hope to run.  I would be 21 lbs lighter than last year when I ran at 212 lbs.  I am sure that running at 191 would make for a much faster runner.

Do you allow yourself a treat or are you a complete restricter?

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