Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Belly . . .

belly shot 2008
third pregnancy, 2008

At 5:30 a.m. this morning I put on my swimsuit.  Nope, I didn't go swimming.  I needed my racer back swimsuit to contain the hanging belly that has resulted from the years of obesity and three, very full term pregnancies.  Running is hard for me because even with spandex pants, my stomach giggles.  It isn't so huge, but enough to make it an unpleasant experience while I am running.  I've also been experiencing lower back pain from my abs not being strong enough; even when I was doing 30DS or other strength training activities for the abs, I felt weak there while running.

So while I looked extremely ridiculous, circa 1984, it was practical.  I am going to try to figure out getting a body shaper that has a cutout for my sports bra because the swim suit provided no support for the "sisters". 

Have you had to make some accommodations or improvisations during your fitness?


  1. Bless you for trying. Me, myself and I, have to wear 2 bra's just to work out. A regular bra with a sports bra on top. I hate going through the motions, but it does work. Good luck on your continued journey!

  2. i really really need a sports bra.

  3. I love you for thinking of this and for not getting discouraged. <3

    I could use a better sports bra: I have this mental block when it comes to spending money on that kind of things, but I'm coming to realize that the $10 Fruit of the Loom just doesn't cut it.

    Keep trucking, lady. :)

  4. My friend audra wears a body shaper to zumba. We do alot of jiggling and it takes her time to put it on but she swears by it. I've been thinking of getting one for myself.

    Wearing a sports bra just makes me look all droopy and saggy. Of course, I'm wearing the same fruit of the loom bras chibi wears. I just can't bring myself to spen $40 for a good bra.

    Hang in there Rosa. Just keep moving. Do what you can when you can.



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