Monday, October 21, 2013

Hand Holding

I think we all need support along the way. We need someone to lean on during this trial of weight loss. My friend had the best idea. We email each other almost daily and we both want to lose weight. She came up with the idea of doing weigh-ins that we report to each other weekly. I picked Mondays.

Why Monday? We always say that we'll do better on Monday. We'll start a new diet Monday. We'll workout again starting Monday. My life will change on Monday. So the tendency is to go nuts on Saturday and Sunday. Who am I kidding? Our tendency is to go nuts Thursday night, Friday all day, and also Saturday and Sunday; to which we pray for forgiveness and we will do better on Monday.

I chose Monday because I tend to be bad on weekends. If we have Mondays for our scheduled weigh-in and have to report to each other, we want to make sure that we have lost since our last weigh-in. The rules require separate email, not in response to each other. We're supposed to put the weight on the subject line. In the body, we put how we got to that weight loss or what we can do different to achieve weight loss if we got a gain.

Today was our first official weight-in, even though we knew our current weight last week because we commiserated with each other about the present weight. I am proud to say that I had a loss. On a previous post, I put that I was at 229. And I was. I had been teetering on that weight and over 230.

This morning I weighed in at 225.5! Score! I had worked hard to not overeat. I made sure that if I had a big meal in the day, like lunch, I would have a lighter meal for dinner. On Sunday, I went to Olive Garden with the kids and my mom. I fully intended not to eat the bread. FULLY INTENDED. I ate 3. But I ate a grilled salmon and steamed broccoli. It was yummy. I drank water, but I took my mom's refilled soda because the waitress didn't know that my mom is incontinent and rushes to the bathroom constantly--she is diapered for emergencies. Nana was ready to pounce on the drink and I took it and started drinking her refill. She asked, "Oh, is that yours?" I said, "yes", and I kept up the ruse. But I really didn't want it. Those were my blips for the day. I ate a light dinner. Okay, cereal with almond milk. It filled me up and I drank water for the rest of the evening.

I am planning to make a few meals for the week, so I can keep up the healthy eating without much effort per meal.

How are you doing? Do you have a partner in weight loss? How does your partner encourage or frustrate your weight loss?

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  1. Hi Rosa,

    I'm Audrey and I do not have a weight loss partner, but know that I need someone, I just don't know anyone who is ready to work on the journey with me. I see that this was started in October and not written in since, so I hope you are still out there. This is hard for me to admit to, the need for hand holding that is. It shouldn't be so hard to as for support but it is. My family is great and say you look fine and we love you no matter what, but what I really need is someone to look at me and agree that yes I am overweight and unhealthy, so let me help you in your efforts. No one says that. It sucks constantly having a day 1 of whatever diet I'm doing now. I'm 175lbs, and out of breath a lot. I'm 41 but my body says older than that. Tomorrow is Monday, and once again and hopefully for the last time my day 1. Thanks for blogging. Audrey


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