Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Cut in half . . .

Strawberry Tops

Hubby and I went to a reception at work yesterday.  We had a babysitter for the evening.  We cut out of the event early to have dinner at Liliana's.  I had the best dinner.  I started off with bread. Yes, corn bread and then the spicy biscuit.  Sue me!  I then had mushroom soup . . . mmmm, creamy! And ate half of my entre.  I had the scallops with 4 dollops of wasabi mash potatoes with a cabbage-veggie salad in the center.  I cut it in half and boxed it for lunch the next day.  Yes, I ate half of my entre.  That is monumental!

I never cut my restaurant meals in half.  The old Rosa would have eaten every single thing in sight and asked for more.  I made sure to split it down the middle and push it aside.  Half of hubby's entre is in the fridge and will be Wedneday's lunch for me.  I am proud.  I am excited at my new frame of mind.  And yes, I had two cookies when I came home


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