Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hunger Check . . .


If  this is not appealing, then you are not truly hungry; you may be thirsty, bored, sad--anything else by hungry.  

I am trying to really work on assessing my hunger.  I had a nice lunch that was very filling. I may have even been stuffed. I truly can't tell anymore. I am cooking dinner as I write this.  Usually, I'll be snacking while I cook.  But I am making such a conscious effort to not do that.

I joined Weight Watchers on Thursday of last week.  I won't write how much my starting weight is . . . just yet.  I need to get to my 5% loss in order to be truly satisfied with my efforts.  I enjoyed the support meeting.  I think that is mostly what I need.  I need to feel supported.  It isn't that I don't get that from home or from the blogging community.  It is just a different feeling.  I actually "hear" it instead of read about others struggles.  I get tips.  I get understanding.  

It is also nice to be able to be accountable to weigh in week after week after spending $12 to weigh in.  I hate losing money.  Really . . . hate . . . losing . . . money.  Really!

What kind of hunger check do you do when you want to reach for a little something of something? 

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  1. If it's not a "normal" meal time, my hunger checks generally just involve simply asking myself if I'm *really* hungry. A huge part of being able to honestly assess and answer that question is the LoseIt app: I know that if I eat something, I'll have to enter it into LoseIt, and if I'm not careful, I'll go over my daily calorie limit.

    Good luck with your 5% - you can totally do this! :)


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