Sunday, January 16, 2011

Scale Steppin Sunday--Jan 16

Jan 16

I am down .9 lbs since Jan 9.

I've been sick ever since writing the last post. I suffer from Asthma, so colds and flu tend to linger. I cough day and night. No rest. Tired beyond words. But I still have responsibilities to the kids, house, and job. No exercise because there is no energy or enough breath.

I can't say that the weight loss is based on healthy eating and exercise.  Nor is it from water loss from lack of eating. You see, I took this week to give myself license to gorge; much like a pregnancy. I ate stuff that no one should eat. I rendezvous with Snickers. I consorted with very sugary sweet lattes. I canoodled with endless bowls of honey bunches of oats cereal.  It was awful.

Yesterday, hubby came home from a long business trip with Health Magazine for me.  He always buys me a magazine.  He knows how to take care of me. There is a diet in there that I am trying out for the next few weeks. The meals are totally doable (besides from the dairy, which I don't eat). I am ready to do a pre-planned diet. Although the magazine claims that one can lose 15 lbs by doing the circuit routine and diet. I am just interested in the diet, which comes to about 1200 for the 3 meals.  I will incorporate a couple of snacks in between: fruits and veggies with a protein (nuts or its butters).

As far as exercise, I will get back to a formal routine when my chest stops hurting from coughing up a lung. My neck hurts. My back throbs when I try to exhale all the air out so I can get a hit of my inhalers. This bites.

Postives this week:

Water:  I always drink my water, but because I need to quench my thirst and stop the irritation.  I am drinking (and peeing) more than is humanly necessary.

Weight loss:  I don't deserve it, but I am happy that I have it.  I will not allow myself to squander this small (but important) loss.

Vitamins:  I started back on my multivitamin that I stopped a while ago.  I desperately need the extra vitamins so I no longer get this sick.  This is the second time since the Fall that I've gotten this ill. 

Goals for Week of 16th:

Walk on treadmill for exercise, but at a reasonable pace.

Eat based on pre-planned meals from Health Magazine.

Take vitamins

Drink Waters.

Does illness affect your weight loss efforts?


  1. I hope you are feeling better. It is just stinky to be sick and not be able to take a sick day, those kids just don't stop.

  2. Does the new plan seem like a fresh start or a punishment?

    I am asking because you sound so down, so hard on yourself. Remember- you have a good life, and it's just food. So you ate it, so what?

    The best advice I've ever gotten is this: Be kind to yourself.

    Just passing it on. :)

  3. Yay for the weight loss.... Sorry about the asthma. I do know how that goes and it really hampers the exercise but it's important that you continue to list to your body.

    How nice of the husband to bring you a magazine with a diet/menu all layed out for you. Kinda makes it easy with the eating, doesn't it?

    Just wanted to stop by and say hola and wish you a successful week ahead.

  4. Sorry to hear you're ill! I've had the same problem, have been sick with Swine Flu which has set off my asthma, so I feel for you and the exhausion being ill can bring. You still lost though, so that's a good thing, even if your food had room for improvement.

  5. I am sending you the Stylish Blogger award. Will publish in a few minutes.
    See post to collect.


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