Sunday, January 23, 2011

Scale Steppin Sunday--Jan 23

Jan 16

I've lost another 1.1 lbs.  There is definitely something about journaling and being accountable for reporting by weighing in.  I know my loss could have been more this week.  I am very happy to get this.  It is one pound closer to my initial goal of getting to 199.  That is my sight line.  While my overall goal is 150, I am very certain that I would never reach 150 if I didn't focus small.  My perfectionist tendencies cause my to give up when it seems so insurmountable to reach.

The cough from my cold is nearly gone.  I haven't formally exercised this past week.  However, yesterday, we were watching my oldest play basketball.  The younger two were bored and tired of sitting watching a game they couldn't participate in.  I took them to the school's entrance area that also serves as the cafeteria.  The tables and chairs were up and out of the way leaving this ginormous space for running.  I ran around with the younger two pretending to be a zombie.  Then me and my son sprinted around trying to catch each other.  We ducked and spun around to avoid each other's touch.  They were out of breath.  And I felt recharged and exhilarated. 

So I will be back to exercise today.  I will just make sure to take a hit of my fast acting inhaler to keep my lungs clear before I do. 

Goals for week of Jan 23:
  • Exercise 5 times this week
  • Pack my meals and snacks and waters
  • Do one thing a day for myself that isn't job related, kid related, house related, hubby related.
Breakfast tip:  It is out in the bloggosphere for oatmeal recipes that are very filling.  These few weeks, I've been eating very filling oatmeal that tastes like a PBJ.

1/2 c. of oats
1 c. of water
2 tbsp of cranberries
1 tbsp of peanut butter
2 tsp of brown sugar (served over cooked oatmeal).

I nuke all but the sugar in the microwave for 3 minutes.  I then sprinkle the sugar over the cooked oats and cover.  Transport to work.  Eat and not feel like eating until close to lunch, which is rare for me.

Fears:  I must honestly say that I've gotten here before and then I "freak" out and start overeating again.  In all honesty, I wasn't that great at the eating this week, but I made more good choices than the bad.  And yes, the Snickers (and mistakenly a Milky Way bar) made its way into my eating this week.  However, I tried to get back to task.  I am scared that I will say, "oh, why does this matter? I'll just gain the weight again."

Hubby and I will be getting our Kettle training soon because scheduling that is hard with all the individual responsibilities.  I will be getting back to my cardio with walking today and some Yoga for the plank work.  I love Chaturangas.  I am unhappy with my arms.  I saw 4 pics of me at a black tie affair and my arms were bare because of the sleeveless dress.  My arms were so soft and the skin loose looking.  I was very disappointed because for as "beautiful" as I looked (and it isn't vanity saying this), I could only focus on my arms.  It looked bigger than most other body parts.

What advice would you give me to not fail and revert to gaining weight when I am 3 lbs closer to my first goal?


  1. Congrats on your loss! Small goals is definitely the way to go. I've also been suffering from a cold that's keeping me out of the gym. I never thought I'd hear myself say I miss going to the gym.

  2. My advice to you would be to really sit down and examine why success causes you to freak? What is it about reaching a goal that makes you sabotage?

    Remember, you are a success breeding machine if you allow yourself to be! :) I know the main lesson I need to learn on this journey is to get out of my own way and just do what needs to be done.

  3. Congrats on your loss!! That is so wonderful... every little bit counts!! You have to focus on TODAY to get to tomorrow!! You can do this:) I'm a new reader going through a similar journey... it's nice to "meet" you!

  4. Rosa, you are so, so close. Keep up the great work- you can do it!


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