Saturday, January 21, 2012

1/21/12--Scale Steppin' Saturday--196.3

I lost weight again. Slightly. But a loss nonetheless. I am happy because this week was a rough week.
I've been running around all week with crazy obligations at work. After work I have to race to get 3 kids at two different places during snowstorms. I've been battling a cold. And since last Sunday, I've had a very painful toothache. I bit into a sliver of bone from ribs that I made last Sunday. I went to the dentist and he said I had a bruised tooth; a crown that had been replaced over a year ago. Advil has been my friend.
I believe I would have had more of a loss but for the running around messed up my eating schedule. On Wednesday, I didn't drink water and feeling hungry despite eating quite well. I also wanted something sweet. I believe that the stress and the missed routine messed with my usually full and uncraving belly. I decided to satisfy the craving by buying two pieces of dark chocolate from Walgreens and water.  That was on Wednesday.  While I thought about getting more chocolate and more desserts, snickers preferably, I made sure to just fill my belly with water until I could eat a great meal that was cooking in the slow cooker. Thank goodness for that thing.  As far as sweet tooth cravings since Wednesday, I have eaten some mini semi sweet chocolate chips that I combine with coconut flakes and slivered almonds.  It is a nice treat and I don't go overboard. It is not completely Paleo.  Dark chocolate would be better.  But better yet, no sugar at all.  I will work on it.
No workout because of the illness.  This is supposed to be the year of no excuses, but that is my excuse.  I was sick.  However, I read an article that talked about daily physical activity such as walking or cycling will hold off the early symptoms of Alzheimer's.  My new mission is to keep Alzheimer's at bay because I can't conceive of working so hard in my life working, raising children, taking care of my Mom, being a wife to my husband, and suffering from Alzheimer's during the time in my life where I am to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor.  We all need a purpose for changing our lifestyle for the better.  What is yours?

Goal For This Week:
  • Keep on Paleo because it truly works.  Even the smallest of losses means it is working.  I am full at each meal and I feel a lot brighter mentally.  Even hubby who has gone grain free at night has commented that he feels more mentally alert.
  • Drink my water.  Lots of water.  Important for my "fullness" throughout the day.  I also get really cranky when I am dehydrated.  Really, cranky.
  • Workout 4 times this week.  My students get back to work Monday, and so do I.  Back to 5 a.m. workouts.  Uuugghh.  It is all about burning this fat.  I have to work at making that happen.
  • Change my mindset about exercise.  No more "uuugghh" feelings.  It is important for my health and mind.
How do you feel about slow and small losses?  Do they keep you motivated?  Do you feel discouraged?


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