Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Full . . .

When I was eating foods like that pictured above, I was constantly feeling the need to eat and eat and eat.  I craved vast amounts of sugar.  Binge eating was the norm.  I got sick and tired of eating so much and not feeling full.

Now, with Paleo, I do overeat.  But it may be an extra piece of beef, or some more veggies.  I don't usually snack after dinner, but I grabbed a bowl of grapes one night.  And once that is consumed, I am done.  I am full.  

Protein makes me full.  I would get these mixed messages that I should eat a high fiber diet because it would keep me full.  Well, I would eat a nice bowl of oatmeal with peanut butter and jelly for breakfast at 7 a.m., and by 9 a.m., I was STARVING.  My belly would ache for more food.  I had protein in there; what's the deal?  

At 7 a.m. this morning, I had two eggs cooked in coconut oil, 1/2 an avocado and a banana.  I am full.  And I am not ravenously thinking about what to get for lunch.  Right now, I am thinking that I am too lazy to go out in this snow to get lunch.  

It may seem a bit bizarre to think that one should eat protein with good fats to lose weight.  Well, it is working for me.  I ate ribs on Sunday.  Thanks to my slow cooker, I had a couple of ribs for breakfast, ribs for lunch, and ribs for dinner.  I was uncomfortably full on Sunday evening.  That was my binge.  The next day, I proceeded to eat lighter.  I had one egg and fruit.  I had a salad with bacon and poached egg for lunch, and for dinner I had roasted root veggies, green beans with bacon, and chicken thighs with the skin.

I know what you are thinking, I am going to have a heart attack.  Maybe, but I am eating the same fats that we would consume with a grain diet, but my body is reacting much differently because I am grain free. And, I woke up this morning and weighed myself and was still at 197.  Does fat truly make you fat?  

I have not exercised because I have a cold. I am not even thinking about activity.  I am just thinking of how to vary the foods that I eat so I can have a variety of veggies with my meats.  I am thinking of what kinds of meats to cook, recipes, and whether I should slow cook or roast. 

I am feeling energetic even though I am very sick and miserable, but still happy.  Good fats can change your mood.  My body doesn't feel bad like it did when I had a pasta-palooza-fest happening daily.

How do you deal with binge days?


  1. The more you write about paleo I flirt with the idea. However, I know it would truly be difficult for me, because I don't eat any red meat or pork. Only chicken and fish. Not to mention it took me forever to like legumes, and I see they are not the paleo way. Incidentally, when I lost all that weight before, I did lose a ton of weight, consuming more protein. There were days I had a chicken breast for breakfast!

    1. Fish and chicken are completely doable. Are you opposed to seafood like scallops and shrimp? I would eat catfish, trout, ahi tuna, salmon, etc. But would also eat scallops, shrimp, crab legs, the occasional lobster tail. As for chicken, I would get a good recipe book and make chicken a thousand ways. The point is to eliminate the grains--all of them. It takes some planning, but is well worth the effort. Good luck.

  2. Proteins and healthy fats are really good for you and keep you full. The culprit that can sabotage that is sugar or sugar substitutes. (Probably why you got hungry again after having pb&j with your oatmeal.) :-)

    1. Definitely! And Oats are high glycemic too. They are up there with Wheat and many other grains; just as bad as sugar. So a sugar crash was bound to happen. Thanks.


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