Thursday, January 26, 2012

Running, again?

I've been exercising this week.  Three days of 30 minutes of cardio with some strength training afterwards.  This is a pic of me at my first 5K in October of 2009.  I've been saying that I was at 207 lbs, but I think it was more like 212 lbs.  Now that I am below 200, I'd like to give running a try again.  

I started running on a treadmill in Summer of 2009 because I thought it would help get rid of the baby weight from having #3.  I remember that while running this race, I was feeling so out of shape despite 5 months of training.  I was shocked because I could run a 5K on the treadmill; no problems.  I failed to realize that the impact on the body of the concrete and the wind against your body makes for a different running experience than on the treadmill.  I was in so much physical pain.  While in the middle of the race, I wanted to stop running.  I thought I would die.  

Obviously, I didn't die.  I did a second 5K in January of 2010 when I made the halfhearted commitment to run a race a month for 2010.  Yeah, one race in January with the slush and the freezing rain, and I got over that immediately.  However, right now, I am feeling that I never gave running my all.  I always wanted to go back to the October race to compare my time.  Heck, what was that time?  But I need time to train.  I also want to lose weight during training because I know the less pounds, the faster I'll be.  

I know my limitations in running.  I want to do 5Ks and 10Ks, but the thought of a half marathon or a full marathon is daunting and just plain old crazy.  I am not that competitive.  I'll consider my life being full despite not running a marathon.  But I didn't complete my 5Ks, and that nags me.

I want to take a 2012 race picture and compare it with this one and see how far I've gotten: time wise and body wise.  I think that I will check into the race information for October, and think about it for the next few weeks.  If I register, I will let you know.

What goals have you yet to accomplish that you are hoping to conquer?

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    Not interested at all in halfs. I'll do a 10k and be day.


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