Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2011 and the year of "no excuses".

4:365--Jan 4
Handful of baby spinach with crisp bacon, poached eggs, and pear vinagrette
(all freshly prepared at home today).  What I came up with when I was
panicking about lunch while caring for a sick baby.

New year, new goals.  The family and I got back from Los Angeles last night.  We spent a week there to see the Rose Bowl.  Unfortunately, we lost.  I was heart broken.  However, what I came away with is that there were some wonderful young men and their coaching staff, strength & conditioning staff, doctors, athletic trainers and many others who spent a season (and their lives) preparing for this annual game.  They don't make excuses for not working out or overeating (sure they pile their plates at a buffet sky high and go for seconds, and raid the dessert table before we got to it), but they burn it off (heck, they are still in their early twenties . . . teens, even). 

I ate differently in L.A.  Let's be honest, their idea of fast food is salads, fresh asian cuisine that is not fried, and fruits.  I was very good.  I didn't overindulge.  I didn't even panic on the plane and took advantage of the great plane food (not joking) which was healthy, so I wouldn't be greedy when we landed.  Life was good.  And then I spent today with the baby because she is sick.  I was bored, overwhelmed, and anxiety ridden for missing another day of work.  While I ate tons of caramel corn, I am not going to beat myself up.  So the plan is to eat clean.  Yeah, I read a lot about that in a magazine that I recently bought.  I am going to get a Clean Eating magazine and see if it is something I'd like to subscribe.

I got my Runner's World and my Fat Loss magazine, and have a plan in order.  When I started this journey, I would run for competing in 5Ks.  I would cross train by doing 30 Day Shred or Yoga.  Somewhere along the line, I stopped cross training.  For the life of me, I can't remember why I made that change.  I felt stronger. I had more energy and stamina.  It was better.  Recently, I've been doing a lot of cardio with minimal weight training, and I am not happy with the results.  I feel a lot softer and my body seems mushier.  I hate that. 

So while I may workout today, I am for sure will be starting tomorrow morning.  I needed today to get back on Central time.  The goal for today is to eat within reason and drink water in between.  I will ensure to be more proactive with my eating by having a plan.  I am packing my lunches and pre-planning my dinners.  I already started by marinading and seasoning 3 days worth of meals.  Oh, and I am planning 2 vegetarian days; black beans are soaking overnight to be cooked for future use. 

I am also going back to taking pics of myself while working out.  Why?  Because it keeps me accountable.  The photos will help me to see the results weekly because clearly, I am blind to what I see in the mirror.  I also hope it is motivation to continue, and motivation for readers. 

One last thought.  I had to go shopping for our vacation because we get invited to many dressy occassions.  I was "sick" to my stomach (and sick of my stomach) while shopping.  I purchased two pairs of dress slacks in a 16, but it was tight . . . TIGHT!  I bought two extra large blouses that were decent, but not completely my style.  I felt lost.  I am going to lay my feelings about the clothing industry.  I like classic design and style . . . think Audrey Hepburn in a 16-18.  I love capris, sailor shirts, white shirts, ballet slippers, riding boots, blazers, cardigans, pearls.  I don't want to dress with extremely wild and bold prints with bedazzles and chains because it is not me.  All I saw from the stores were too "wild" for my tastes.  And that made me sad.  So sad that I've realized I can't keep doing this to myself.  My hubby works in an industry that requires a lot of face time with a lot of people.  And I have to play the part with having my body in shape and my clothes on point.  And short of designing and sewing my own clothes, I need to get my body on par with what is out there.

What are your New Year's goals?


  1. I am right there with you about the clothing. My husband says I'm like a broken record in stores while I whine "why do they want all the fat people to dress like frumpy crazy people??" - now until recently I was well over a 6-18 and found that the smaller I got the more choices there were out there, but I've still got a bit to go like you said, to get my body on par with the clothes I want to wear!

  2. Totally agree on the clothing too. And thanks for your yummy photo--I have a spinach/bacon salad planned but was in a quandry about the protien--gooey egg, perfect!

  3. Oh, the clothing makes me want to SCREAM! Just give me regular, casual clothing in a slightly larger size, please - it's not rocket science! Drives me batty that, in a store that carries straight and plus sizes, I can't just wander to the plus size section and find the same things in more generous cuts. GAH.

    Sorry. Rant over. ;)

  4. Clothes shopping can be excruciating when one is not at the "ideal" sizes. I don't know why designers and merchandisers continue to believe that overweight = no taste.


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