Friday, March 12, 2010

03/12/10--Fitness Friday


I am having a great week fitness wise.  I am making this a priority again, instead of sleeping in and then feeling super guilty for not meeting my daily goal.  Except this morning; sick baby that must be held.  Can that be considered an arm training routine?

Arms Before 3/11.10
My arms before shot to compare in 6 weeks.

So tell me, how did you do this week? Add your link of your workout or post workout photo, please.  See you here:


  1. Holding babies are ALWAYS considered arm training! Hope she's already better!

  2. Thanks Alexia! She is well worth the arm work. She is much better. I even got a weight lifting routine set up, but realized this morning that no soreness (not even a smidge) means higher weights needed.

  3. Check out that definition. Yea baby! Imagine 6 weeks from now.

  4. *Ha* those are the product of Jillian Michael's DVDs, AKA The Crazy Tyrant that lives in my exercise collection.

    I am hoping for the fat to allow the true definition to show through. Thanks for the support.


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