Friday, March 19, 2010

Fitness Friday

Arm Training Circuit.

Pretty good fitness this week.  Still working on my arms, but missed today.  I made the mistake of not packing my resistance bands.  We are traveling and our hotel has great cardio equipment, but no weights.  We were busy with many activities.  I will do an arm routine in the morning; even if it is only pushups and tricep dips.  I will be off to the workout room in the morning and hope to spend a glorious 80 minutes. 

But I must confess that I've not taken any care to eat well.  I am paying for it now.  I am stuffed and bloated.  We went to this fantastic chinese restaurant this evening, the waiter was way too friendly and generous.  He sent us off with 3 take home carts of fortune cookies, free lo mein, and the left overs were abundant.  After what we spent, we will definitely eat the leftovers.  No salad.  No fruit.  I will be eating lighter for breakfast, and hope to make better choices.  The water has been non-existent.  I am suffering.  I have to learn how to not slack off when we travel.  The good choices can be made, I just don't make them.

Tell me, how did you do this week.  Show me your fitness picture; before or after, and how you felt.  See you around the blogs.


  1. It is near impossible to eat right on trips. I have even more trouble when I visit my family as no one eats as healthy as I do and I am in no way perfect.
    This months Oprah magazine had an article about feeling and food. I really needed to read it, not sure if I can make it happen but I know I eat out of boredom or when I am upset.

  2. I think I did well this week. I didn't get to the gym as much as I would've liked, but I did get there 3 times, which is my absolute minimum. Next week (this, by the time I write this), will be better. I have a crooked neck, and that doesn't leave enough motivation to exercise, but Im hoping it will hurry up and get itself together. Choices, choices, choices. Im starting to hate that word. I too, need to just make better choices.


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