Thursday, March 4, 2010

Helpless . . .

January 27

I was a bit crabby this week, and had quite a tantrum.  I refused to eat well.  I refused to exercise.  I was plain, old angry with everything.  Frustrated!  I just wanted to allow myself some time to get that emotion out before I once again follow the path on this journey.  I've been thinking of ways to get out of this funk.  Kinda hard to do when I "think" I am doing all the right things.  I know that I am not.  So, I am working on a plan to revitalize my enthusiasm for getting up at 4:50 a.m. to start working out at 5:00 a.m.; pack my meals; and de-stress.  I feel pulled in so many directions and when that happens, I shut down and "stuff" myself with food for comfort; like last night's reception and buffet food.  It was a smorgasbord, and I lived it up.  And yes, I feel "yuck"!

There are so many things that fall on my shoulders and I am just tired.  Exhausted!  Emotionally and physically.  If I can't do it "right", then I don't want to do it at all.  And that isn't what I want to teach my children.  Tonight I will try to do 30 Day Shred and Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga, so I can center myself.  While I hesitate to call it "depression" because I am not stuck in bed with the covers over my head, I am willing to call myself in a highly functioning depressive state. 

One thing that may cheer me up is buying two things from my Wishlist.  Just the thing I need. 


  1. Don't focus so much on what you can't do or have not done and take in that today is a new day with new opportunities to live right.

    I would suggest not focusing so much on this and that for my workout but to just be active for 30 minutes a day to get back on track. Once you've mastered the activity for 30 minutes a day...other things may become easier.

  2. Thanks, Seth. In the past I've taken things day by day. I am struggling to get back to your very suggestion of getting back on track.

  3. After a conversation with my ex this morning, I skipped my spinning class.

    BUT! I looked at another Crunch location (not my regular location since they don't have any spinning classes at times I can take today) and they have a class tonight at 7:45 with a crazy teacher who hits you on the butt to go faster - perfect!

    So what I mean is that, things with happen, maybe we won't feel like working out, etc. But what's important is that we get back at it and you seem to be doing that.

  4. Thanks, Alexia:
    If anything, you gave me a huge laugh. I would love to go to a Crunch class where the teacher spanks my butt. Please review this class in your blog. I would love to hear it.

  5. Rosa, I totally get how you feel. I have times like that all too often. Where I just feel like screw it! I'm gonna eat what I want and do what I want (watch TV)!! I love Seth's advice. Just do something, anything, for 30 minutes and not worry so much about "the plan". My struggles are more with food than exercise right now. I just can't get myself to eat better.

    Good luck! And thanks for the post. I do have 30 day shred and love it. BL Yoga sounds fun.

  6. Hi, Rosa, I am new to your blog but I can really sympathize with you as I am in the same boat. It is nearly impossible (did I say nearly?) to do any form of exercise when I feel stressed and tired, depressed or otherwise! Last year I just totally forced myself to do 10 minutes (anyone can do 10 minutes, right-well, even that for me at times was pushing it) and pretty soon I was able to do 15. It gave me confidence to carry on. I lost 30 last summer but have put 10 back on in the last month. Some of it is health issues but all of it is not. I came by to follow your blog to encourage me to get moving so I want to thank you because you have. I like hearing that it is a struggle for others as well, I don't feel so stupid, dumb, whatever I call myself at the moment. I am NONE of those, I will DO this! :D

  7. Back again. I just wanted to say that on The Biggest Loser the other night they had to eat a lot of junk food and even after only 5 weeks, they felt yukkie after eating it.! Isn't it wonderful how good healthy food tastes.....unfortunately I still love to cheat once in awhile.

  8. **HUGS**
    Please take care of yourself and take some time to decompress. Emotional exhaustion can lead to physical sickness. (I'm dealing with that one myself and being sick isn't fun!!)

    I've just found your blog myself and thoroughly enjoy it.

    Like other commenters have said, don't worry about yesterday, or even your last meal/missed exercise. Take it one day/meal/exercise opportunity at a time.

  9. It must have been something in the air...I had a similar week. Ate poorly, not one workout.../sigh. I've decided not to bother until my new workout program gets here and I can start fresh with new


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