Thursday, March 11, 2010

Arms . . .

side plank

I am still obsessed with arms.  Can't stop obsessing.  When I read Tricia's post on arms, I immediately started planning my "arm challenge".  We all need a challenge to keep us inspired and motivated.  I figure I would take about 6 weeks to work on my arms.  I am working on a plan to make them stronger and hopefully, leaner.  Lean would be great.  I strongly fear that my bat wings will not go away. 

My plan is to first use the weights that I presently own, but within 2 weeks, I will buy a kettlebell and a medicine ball.  Mostly, I will use my body weight, such as pushups and Yoga routines.  Jillian Michael's DVDs and the Jackie Workout DVD is great for arm work.  I will take a bit of each program to work on my "problem" area.  But I've got to face facts.  I have a lot of problem areas.

I've worked out everyday this week so far:
Monday--60 min walk on treadmill
Tuesday--30 min walk/run on treadmill; 15 min upper body circuit DVD
Wednesday--25 min 30 Day Shred Level 3 with 5 lb weights. 
Thursday--60 min walk on random incline program 2.5-5% incline.

The goal is to do an activity everyday.  Something for at least 30 minutes (thanks, Seth).  But I won't beat myself up if I can only manage a short circuit workout.  

For my arm routine, I hope to do arms on MON, WED, and FRI.  Cardio days will take TUES, THURS, SAT, and SUN.  I won't forget my lower body and abs.  Those will come with the circuit routines that I plan to incorporate on Mon, Wed, and Fri.  Because the legs are already a large muscular body part that gets a lot of use with walking, running, and the plyometrics in the DVDs, I am not going to do any additional strength training on legs.  However, as a woman, I know that my upper body will never be as strong or as muscular as my legs presently are or can be in the future.  I know I have to do more to achieve those strong arms.  And the plan is to follow Tricia's routine and incorporate other routines so I can work toward those toned arms I've always dreamed of. 


  1. Yayyy for everyday fitness! Tricia's arms look amazing. I was shocked at how much they changed.

    And wow - you got to level 3 of the shred. I've been on level 1 since last summer. Ha!

  2. Good going, girl! I am impressed, keep it up, that' great!

  3. Awesome girl! Thanks for linking up too! Gotta say, you look great in the strong! Wish I could do a t-stand without putting my one knee down. Not there yet...but working on it! I resonate with your fear about the bat wings...I'm afraid that even after I lose the weight, the excess skin will be there, all deflated and stuff. Oh well, we'll deal with that when/if it comes. You are doing GREAT!

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  4. You go Gurl!

    You should definitely try kettlebells. I lost 35 LBS with kettlebells and I use them 3 days a week now. Don't buy the cheap ones, they are not very nice on the hands. You buy a high quality kettlebell for less than a lot of the low quality commercial brands. I buy mine from


  5. I also started working on my arms after I saw Tricia's post! She looks great. Sounds like you are on the right track to have some awesome ones as well!

  6. Thank you everyone. I am inspired. I hope that I can actually complete a program with so many curveballs sent my way.

  7. Wow! Looks like you have had an awesome fitness week! You look so incredibly STRONG in your picture. Found your blog through "Making Over Me". Keep going strong!!!
    Fit Mama


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