Friday, March 5, 2010

Not Flattering . . . Friday Fitness--Mr. Linky

jackie warner workout first time.

After so many wonderful comments yesterday, I realized that I needed to get my arse in front of the TV and do a DVD.  I purchased 3 DVDs from my wishlist, two online and the third from Target.  I got the Jackie Warner workout.  And let me say that this was a bit . . . how can I say this?  Manic.  It was pretty fast pace.  It seemed much faster than Jillian Michael's style.  

I started by doing the 40 minute workout.  I wanted to get as much of a workout experience so I can adequately review.  The circuits are split into body parts: Hamstrings, Quads, Abs, Arms, Triceps, Chest, Back, etc.  At the start of the circuit, she does 3 exercises targeting that body part.  On the second repeat of the circuit, which she calls the Power set, she explodes into repeating the set much faster and targeted, but she also doesn't do as many as the first set.  That put me off a bit.  It left me wanting to do more.  I am used to Jillian Michaels doing at least 30 seconds of an exercise and me doing about 16 repetitions per exercise.  I can see a benefit from the Power Set by using a higher weight when weights are being used. 

I found that Jackie went really fast.  By the time I set myself up to do the exercise, she was already on the third to fourth repetition.  It left me feeling like the slow, fat girl in gym class.  It was very hyperactive and then you move onto the next body part.  When I've done other DVDs, even when there is a lot of breathless cardio in between, I easily can get set up and keep up with the models.  This DVD didn't leave me breathless and tired, nor incapable of doing the next routine, it was just so fast to set up; especially when going from standing to floor to standing. 

Modifications were not present.  Some of the routines left me wanting some sort of modification because I wasn't strong enough to do a routine, like some of the ab work.  I didn't want to slack on that, but I physically am not strong enough to sit on my butt with my arms behind my back and my legs ready to kick forward and pull back.  I did one leg at a time and hope that in time I will be strong enough to do them like the fitness models. 

I will do this DVD again because I loved the arm and chest routines.  The other DVDs that I've done didn't concentrate on my strength of doing upper body.  With Jillian DVDs, I do lower weights and high reps for "lean" muscles, but i want to be a strong gal and I want ripped arms.  *sigh*

On another note, join me on Friday Fitness Mr Linky style and add a picture of your workout or post-workout, and tell us how it was. 


  1. You are doing so good! I wanted to let you know by giving you an award!

    Visit my latest post to find out more.

    And keep it up!

  2. You go girl!! Wow, I am taking off for the day but I promise to spend 10 minutes, I know that is pathetic but I gotta' start somewhere. There is no way I could do that dvd! Good goin'! I like your friend's Fess up posting. Cute.


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