Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Temptation . . .

Picnik collage

A gift from a friend as a "thank you" for hubby's recommendation. And she ran a 1/2 marathon after losing the equivalent of a 4th grader. I did taste, but I will not be indulging in any more.  The old me would have eaten as much as I possibly could.


  1. good job, girl! I too am being good today.

  2. Way to go! It is always good to have the bite, so you don't feel deprived! :)

  3. Wow - that thing looks fab! I agree with Laura...great to take a sample of it, but awesome to have the willpower to keep it at just a small sample (it always helps when you have little ones that can help you by getting rid of the rest of it!)

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  4. Oh man, we were at the mall the other day and a fancy candy shop was making these fresh in front of our eyes! I almost broke down and bought one, but luckily they were giving out small samples...and that was enough to curb the urge (that and to buy one was like $20!)

  5. That does look amazing!

    I second Laura and Holly!! (Or third Laura??)

  6. this would be quite a temptation.


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