Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On track . . .


I had a really bad IBS episode this afternoon.  I haven't eaten dairy, but I started taking fiber pills with a probiotic inside.  I don't know if that was the culprit, but the fiber pills are supposed to help, not make things worse.

Despite not waking up early to exercise, I made sure to be active this evening.  I did my upper body strength training routine, and I did 20 minutes of Yoga.  I did the Shiva Rea: Daily Energy DVD that I purchased earlier this month.  I was really intimidated to try it.  Let's face it, I am not a skinny mini, and Yoga moves can be very intense.  I tried the first 20 minute program, Earth, last night.  It was amazing.  I loved the flow of the movements.  However, this evening I did another 20 minute segment, Fire, and was not so great for me because it involved too much flexibility.  One thing I did like in this routine was the child's pose.  Very comforting and relaxing.  I hope to do a week of Shiva's DVD because I want to try them all so I can make sure of which workout I like best and eventually combine them to make a longer program.  That is the beauty of this DVD: 7, 20 minute programs that can be interchanged to make a complete program.  Love it!


  1. Awesome! I love Child's Pose...such a great recovery pose!

    My son has some serious IBS reaction to dairy fun!

    Holly @ Making Over Me

  2. Alright now. Keep on trucking. I've found some yoga classes, near me. Im definitely going to check at least 1 out, because I know I don't stretch as well as I should.

  3. Hi there!

    BEAUTIFUL photography on your blog! I used to love yoga in high school. I am a class kind of person- I need an instructor in the room. I would like to return to yoga when it get it he time- sounds like a great workout!


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