Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dealing with Stress . . .


Since going back to work last May, I've been dealing with how to balance mothering 3 children, being a wife to one busy,  traveling husband, developing my career, and maintaining my home.  I gave up a lot of things in order to prioritize it all, such as my crafts and craft blogging, photography has taken a back step, and the organization of the house has seen better days.  

Now I am dealing with all those stressors and have added new ones: autism spectrum diagnosis for my boy and special ed observations in Kindergarten requiring my attending meetings and therapy with him while still having to put in time at work; possible surgery for my boy to remove his tonsils and adenoids so he can breath at night and get a good night's rest; braces for my oldest because a tooth has no room to poke through; planning summer programs (applications with deadlines are due) which may mean moving Baby from beloved daycare to where older two go to afterschool and potentially summer camp (that will relieve a big part of my stress); birthday party planning; planning my summer teaching program that is quite intensive; hubby wanting to take vacation when there is no time or money to do so; and most stress of all--the landlady planning to raise rent again when she just did so when we renewed last year, and not having any money to buy a house or rent a more reasonably priced home by June 31 of this year.  Aaaarrrrggghhhh!

I am wracked with stress; and I am seeing it on my face with the adult acne that pops up to declare to the world that I am out of balance.  I think I am doing my best to manage it and trying not to overeat, nor eat junk foods  However, I did have a sugary latte yesterday, but no fruit juices.  I vow to only allow one latte, if any, per week.  Okay, none for now because caffeine + stress = crazy mama.

So I've been thinking of ways to relieve stress.  I think finding a Yoga class when hubby is home would be the ticket.  I also want to do another cycling class.  I feel that I should take a day off from work to accomplish tasks that are driving me batty at home: like the home office that needs organizing; or starting my spring cleaning by getting rid of all the junk in the house; working on the wood furniture that I want to refinish so I can decorate my Master.  I just feel I need some time, but don't know how to get it when I am over-committed.

Exercise tonight will help: walking on the treadmill and Yoga.  Thank you Yoga for keeping me sane.


  1. I really feel for you. I think taing a day off isn't a bad idea. Maybe 2 if you can--one to take care of the house and the other to take care of you. Go get a massage!

  2. Sorry to hear about all the stress. I hope it calms down a bit soon!

    If you go over to my blog at, I have an award for you. <3

  3. I have no idea how mothers do it! But I think it's wonderful that you are prioritizing exercise.

  4. Oh, and cycling is AMAZING! I took a class today and I still feel sore.

  5. Hey, come pick up an award from my blog!


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