Friday, February 26, 2010

Fitness Friday . . . Mr. Linky


Minnesota Mami from Making Me Over, proposed a wonderful idea. In a comment, she stated that we should take pictures of ourselves doing Yoga and post them on a Mr. Linky. Phenomenal idea!

I am going to expand on that. I propose that we put a Mr. Linky for Fitness Fridays. Put a link to a picture of you during or after exercise; whatever date that you did a workout. Put a description of what you are doing or what you did and how you feel in the description of your picture--whether that is your blog or online photo storage. And encourage others to post and share their picture on Mr. Linky too.  I love seeing what everybody is doing. Exercisers come in all shapes and sizes; let's motivate each other. 

When I first started blogging about my journey to health and fitness, I was hesitant to take a picture of myself in general, much less in a sports bra, snug capri pants, busting a Yoga move, but I did it.  And the comments that I've received have encouraged and motivated me to continue on my path.

With an $18 remote, I have the ability to snap a picture of myself while I am exercising.  If you don't have someone to assist in taking a pic of yourself, you can take a great picture of yourself on your camera's timer.  Check your manual for directions if you don't know how.  Set it down on a table, a stack of books, or the floor, and click away. Many people have mastered the art of taking a pic before a mirror.  I never have, so that is entirely acceptable.  Just remember to describe the workout and how you are feeling.  And be honest.  If it sucked . . . it sucked.  If it was a great workout, then tell us so. 

Here I am doing a plank.  That is the most heinous move for me in both Yoga and Jillian Michael's workouts.  Plank requires upper body strength and major core strength.  For Yoga, The arms are tucked into the body and under the shoulders.  For Jillian workouts, the arms can be either tucked into the body or shoulder width apart and angled outside of the body for a pushup.  After 3 babies and being obese for such a long time, it is hard to keep plank, but I try and I push myself each time.  I felt really strong here.  I'd just finished 3 miles on the treadmill.  I had to push myself the whole time because I just wasn't mentally capable of doing 3 miles.  I'd done so twice in the last week, but this was hard.  I did it, and I felt strong enough to do some stretches and Yoga moves. 

So what say you? Will you join me?  Show me and the healthy living world what you're doing?  And don't forget to come back every week and show yourself and your workout. 


  1. First, I love the title of your blog and the picture. I sometimes eat not cuz I'm hungry but because of something I'm feeling. Anways, thank you for following my blog. I'm so excited to follow you on your journey as well and I love your idea of posting pictures of what exercise you are doing. I was just thinking that the other day that I would have someone take pictures of my workouts at the gym I use at work. I'm a little embarassed to ask someone but what the heck.

    Let me think about partcipating in 'fess up Friday' --love the title. Have a great weekend Rosa.

  2. Your blog is both beautiful to look at (the photography-wow!) and inspirational. I'm starting one myself with a similar theme. Keep it up and we'll pull for each other.



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