Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Feeling better . . .

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I have taken a few days off to recoup from the awful pain in my back.  I went to Urgent Care on Monday.  I couldn't take it anymore.  They sent me for a CT scan to see if it was a kidney stone.  Nope!  So they deduced that it could have been a muscle tear or something muscular/skeletal.  I don't recall hurting myself during my workouts. They also stated that I had indications of diverticulitis, but the pain being in my back didn't fit their readings of the scan.  But anything is possible in the moment.  So I've taken it very easy.  I hope to walk on the treadmill tonight.  No jumping and lifting, or running for me for a bit.

I am a bit concerned about the 5K this Saturday.  There isn't any other race around these parts in February.  We got some fresh snow in the past couple of days that have made things outside really gross.  So, I am hoping that I don't fail my 2010 challenge of one race per month.  I am not going to beat myself up over it.  My long term health is at stake.  I can go back to the routine of running in March when I am at 100%. 

Speaking of work outs.  I am interested in buying another DVD.  This time it is the Personal Training with Jackie. I love tough workouts.  I've heard that this is a really good program.  I love Jillian Michaels, but I need variety; although, they were business partners and ran the gym that Jackie's show highlights.  It costs $14.99 at my local Target, so this will be a quick pick up.  I will wait a while before I actually do the routine, which I will then review on the blog.

So the eating.  Well, that is another story.  I am just really emotional about everything and so I haven't been as careful as I should.  But now that my work out routine has to be cut back.  I am going to be a little more strict with my portions; that is not easy for me, and I know that I am not alone.  I may just have to do WW so I can get to my first personal goal of 175 lbs.  Then I will go it alone until I hit my final goal of 150. 

Edited to Add:  Just found another race for Feb 20.  I may not miss this month at all.  I will take it as easy as I can and hope to race then.  Yay!


  1. Hey, Rosa! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I didn't know you had this blog. I followed the other one, but I'm now following this one as well. I love the layout and the photos. Be well!


  2. I just checked out that Personal Training with Jackie DVD online and it looks awesome! I'm excited to read your review if you decide to do it. I've just started Jillian's Winning by Losing program (also circuits) and loving it.


  3. Long term health is definitely a priority! Sometimes our bodies tell us when it's time for a mandatory rest. Take it easy and you'll be back in training before you know it.
    Path to Health


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