Monday, February 8, 2010

Only hurting myself . . .

February 26

No little boys were hurt in the remaking of a Hitchcock classic.  
My weigh-in on Saturday revealed that my weight didn't move.  Even with eliminating the sugars from my diet, I am still at 205.  And it became a bit of a lonesome day.  I had so many activities that had me running around with all 3 kids on Saturday.  Hubby was busy with work.  I scheduled a babysitter for the evening so I could go out to the hockey game.  At the game, I stuffed my face.  In part because "it was there" and free, and in part because I felt a bit of a need to get "high" on sugary cookies and soda, sandwich, brat, and wings.  And I kept getting "high on sugar" all weekend.  The dam broke and the flood was filling me up.  

The result was a very bad belly ache last night.  I am not even hungry this morning.  I am forcing myself to eat my oatmeal with almond butter, cranberries, walnuts, and banana.  

I know I should have exercised more last week.  But I am looking forward, and not feeling guilt about last week.  I did go to the gym yesterday.  I paid a day pass and drop in care so that I could have the older two run around in the kid's club while I tried to run on the treadmill.  Well, I've been having flank pain since last Tuesday.  I went and got a urine test, but it has come back negative for any UTI.  The flank pain didn't let me run for long stretches at all.  It was so terrible.  I walked for 45 minutes.  Did a bit of a Yoga cool down and stretched.  I love Yoga.  It is such a great stress reliever.  The flank pain remained the rest of the day and evening.  I took a pain reliever (which I never do) at bedtime.  Then the belly ache woke me up from sleep.

I didn't exercise this morning, but I plan to do a level of 30 Day Shred tonight and Yoga for stretching.  I am hoping that my back doesn't quit on me so I can run the Valentine's 5K on Saturday.  I will run tomorrow to see how I feel.  I may just run/walk the entire race.  The goal is to finish, not place. 


  1. Hey! Just found your blog. i love your photography and have enjoyed reading many of your posts. I can relate to a LOT of what you've posted. Look forward to coming back.

    You can visit me at

  2. I'm sorry to hear you're in pain. :( It's so hard to be motivated when you hurt; however, *wanting* to exercise and physically being unable to is equally frustrating.

    Hope you're feeling better soon.


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